Ai changes?!?!? Ruining top characters!!!!

I have Omegas red as my top champ and for the last year running suicides I would parry MM parry MM and then if the ai was defensive I would hit into the block a full 4 hit to be close and help my spore count increase then return to my block. Now I am being intercepted between my days medium into the ai block and the first light attack. Kabam if you are going to slightly tweak ai recovery times to be just a little faster than you need to tweak the attack animation times between hits as an attacking character because the dynamic you’ve instituted now is different than this game has ever been in its 5 years of playing. We have already been dealing with getting special intercepted by the ai with a bar of power when striking more than once or twice into their block. You claim that’s a bug and claimed to be looking into it but it has not changed since April 2019 when it began. And now the ai can randomly punish you without a bar of power if you strike more than one hit into block. Fix the issues or tell us the changes are coming because it seems like a cheap ploy to cause item use and unit purchase and comes off very badly to the community. I know I’m the first one posting about it but it has been discussed by many in the communication apps such as line. Endgame players see the change and it is a crappy interaction and improper to not anounce changes to the style of the game we’ve been playing and spending money in to grow over a 4+ year period of time. Thoughts Kabam Miike??????


  • TattedmuscleTattedmuscle Posts: 14
    edited April 2020
    Also since when could a special not be chained onto the end of a 5 hit MLLLM combo because I have had the ai recover from the medium hit and get into block at the exact same time I’m launching my special attack. Changes have to have been made causing this its been happening for days now. I would be happy to record video of all this stuff happening because it happens with multiple champion encounters since your last update to this months event quests occurred.
  • AlexAvalonAlexAvalon Posts: 628 ★★★
    It sucks bc alot of my favorite characters have mechanics designed to hit into the block, ive held off on ranking up my masacre and sig200 r4 omega to r5 bc of this problem. It works in lower content but any content where the AI is juiced up you cant reliably hit into the block without getting retaliated.
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