incursion : not getting top zone rewards after tier promotion

kepalahotakkokepalahotakko Posts: 54
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hello all

on my alt account i started the incursion in tier 5 ( having more than sixteen 3* champ) which makes me eligble for sec 2&3 top zone rewards

mid round i opened enough 4*( i have 9 now) to get me into tier 4 but since the rounds is already started im still stuck at tier 5 with rewards for sector 2 locked out for me.

today as the incursion rounds refreshes, im in tier 4 and eligible for sector 4 rewards.. i am still unable to get the top zone rewards for tier 4.

i want to know..does your team PI has anything to do with top zone rewards eligibility? my team PI was around 7000 (sector 4 range is 6000-9999)...i played with my main acc and brought team PI a bit higher ..does that effect the rewards for my alt account top zone rewards??

or does the top zone rewards locked out even if u get tier promotion midway and only refreshes the following month?


  • SycodSycod Posts: 16
    It is one time in a month ,after that no room bonus. Have to wait another month for that
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