Announcing The Start of our Content Creators Program!

Hey Summoners!

We’re excited to announce a new kind of program: The MCOC Content Creators Program! We have a lot of very talented people within the MCOC community, making a lot of great things for their fellow players - instructional videos, strategy guides, acronym lists, calculator tools and more. Over the past year, we have been slowly working to develop relationships with some of these talented individuals - working with them makes it easier for them to produce the kind of content that the rest of our player base benefits from!

Fast forward to Today - we are announcing the first stage of a program to help take this partnership to the next level. In time, our goal is to expand the number of content creators we support, as well as expand the type of content creators we support. We’ve got to walk before we can run though, so here’s what we’re starting out with:

A program that will provide approved YouTubers and Streamers with temporary occasional access to in-game content in order to make instructional and informative videos for our wider Summoner audience. This select group of creators will also receive access to a private forum to discuss tips, tricks and best practices with each other in order to improve their video content and self promotion methods.

To start with, we will be supporting a small number of YouTube or Twitch broadcast content creators. While we are in the process of refining our technical framework to better support greater numbers, the process that we currently use to enable content and then remove it from an account is a manual and sometimes time consuming process.

If you’re currently a content creator within the MCOC community and are interested in applying, there are a few content requirements you will need to meet:

  1. You have created at least eight videos or live streams related to MCOC in the past two months
  2. Preference will be given to those that have at least one video that has provided the wider community with educational content of some type. Perhaps it was a detailed review of a certain champion, a guide on how to use a specific mastery, or some strategy advice on how to defeat a tricky boss within quest content. Regardless, you’ve already shown a desire to help your fellow players out or provide them with more information.
In addition to the above, you will also need to agree to a clear code of conduct. As a company with several important business partners, it is important for us to ensure that those we are providing additional access or information to, meet both our standards of behaviour as well as the standards of behaviour required by those we work with in a professional capacity. As a result, program participants will need to ensure their past videos and future content follow the below. If you do not wish to adhere to these guidelines, please note that we may not be able to admit you into the MCOC Content Creators Program.

Code of Conduct
  • Participants cannot engage in nor encourage racist, sexist, ableist, bigoted behaviour - whether in online discussions or in content they create. This includes making any comment that could be perceived as reflecting political, racist, sexist, religious, prejudice towards sexual orientation or other bias.
  • Participants cannot be a part of harassment of other players, or targeted harassment against other player groups online (this includes targeted harassment of Kabam employees, other Content Creators, or fellow players)
  • Content creators cannot encourage or provide instructions for hacking, cheating or any other terms of service violations
  • Participants cannot imply a formal working relationship or endorsement by Marvel or Kabam of their online content
  • Participants cannot engage in or tacitly encourage illegal activities of any kind
  • Content creators cannot disparage any person, business, place or group including Marvel, it’s employees or its competitors. Note that this differs from constructive criticism - which IS welcome and encouraged. We want to foster thoughtful critical feedback that helps fellow players and Kabam.
  • Participants cannot use affiliate links or promote other goods or services on any videos specifically made with information provided by Kabam
Participants must:
  • Provide full disclosure to their audiences when they receive information or early access directly from Kabam.
  • Clearly state they have no formal affiliation with Marvel or Kabam.
  • Provide constructive criticism when applicable.
  • Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement that will restrict the premature sharing of information until granted permission by Kabam, similar to release date embargos that gaming press outlets must adhere to. (this would be most applicable in situations where we are able to grant people early access to unannounced content)
  • Follow any and all laws related to digital content creation set by governments in their own geographical locations.
These guidelines have been established in conjunction with our partners, and are in place to protect the reputation of our company, partners and employees while providing our creators a framework within which to be successful.

If this all sounds like something you’re interested in, you can send @kabam thel a private message here on the forums to apply. Please ensure that the first line of your message reads ‘Content Creator Program Application’ and provides a link to the following:
  • Your YouTube account if applicable
  • Your Twitch account if applicable
  • A link to at least one ‘educational’ video
  • A link to your Twitter account and Facebook fan page if you have either of them
Please also include few sentences about who you are and why you would like to participate

If you’re worried that any of your past content violates these rules and you still wish to participate, we are open to discussing a second chance - just be upfront and honest with us. In some instances, depending on the specific conduct rule, we may require deletion of old videos. An example of this would be any video with harassment targeting a specific player or a specific Kabam employee. We believe in second chances!

Please note that the vetting process will take us quite some time, so your patience will be appreciated. I will notify all successful candidates via response to their private message application here in the forums. It's possible that we will not be able to admit everyone that applies into the program right away, but this does not mean that you will not have the opportunity extended to you in the future!

As this program expands and grows to other types of Content Creators, we will be sure to keep you all updated!

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