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What do you guys think of heavy attack grabs? I saw Kingpin... Heavy Belly Attack... I shook my head... Typical right... I think he could of used a Grab heavy attack where he picks them up and squeeze the life out of them or a bodyslam or powerbomb them. Anyways... I want to see heavy attack grabs from the big guys... Agree or disagree?


  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,978 ★★★★★
    The reason it is the belly heavy is because it is easier to animate, they don't need to add anything different just a standards knockback. Having a grab heavy would be near impossible because there are various different champion models that wouldn't fit into the animation( can't have the same grab animation for rocket and juggernaut). This was a problem with third special attack's against rocket raccoon, since his character model was so small they couldn't make it work with all other champion's sp3s so they just gave all champs the same sp3 against rocket this would be like an inverse of that situation.
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    Thing is though say a big guy grabbed you they would have to mess with the animations much more like what if a spidey had to evade the part after you pick him up or something then he would have to I dunno kick the face or chest to get free you get what I mean?
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