Book 2 Act 1 Beta Test - Starting Soon!


Act 6 may have just concluded, but we're ready to open the next book of the Contest!

Starting May 4th and running until May 11th, we will be testing the difficulty and experiences of Act 1 of Book 2 of the Contest.

A select group of Summoners will receive a Beta Invite on April 20th and will have until April 24th at 11 am PT to opt-in to the Beta Test.

Please keep in mind, this is an invite-only Beta program, and we are not taking requests at this time to join or be admitted into the program. Seeing as this is the next evolution of content in the Contest, we are looking for very strong and experienced Summoners.

While we understand that everybody will be eager to see what's coming for the future of the Contest, it is important to remember that we are using the feedback of those that are involved in the test. As such, we will not be taking feedback on the potential changes in any channels other than those created specifically for Summoners in the Beta.

NOTE: Those Summoners invited that Opt-In will have until April 24th at 11am PT to create a Forum Account using the same Kabam ID (email address) as their in-game account. If you have not created your account by this time, you will not be able to join the Beta Forums. You will still be able to submit your feedback through the Survey that is provided during the Beta Test.

Any rewards earned on the Beta Server will NOT BE transferred to the regular game and there are no additional rewards for participating in the Beta Test.

Additionally, the private Beta Forum will not be available until the Beta Test begins.
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