Splash screens.

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Your Art Deppartment is really excelent and they're doing a good job everytime.
I'm actually a fan of you and I've wanted save many of your media.

For example, your Splash Screen are really cool and each new event you're doing a new one and change it.

I understand changes, it's important for refresh the game image and it's welcome. But many times I'm missing a old one, for example the Mystic one was awesome, the Christmas one, the Mutants too, and the GotG I already want as my PCs Wallpaper.

So, I was finding a site or way for download it, but I don't find it.
Even I watched the G+ MCoC page, you have it in the header and I see this image is actually bigger than the ingame splash.

It's not bad for you because it's already a investment of only one shot use, but if you offer it as a downloadble media it will have "more use". C'mon the job is done and payed, Why throw it in the trunk?.

The same for the apps icons, the profiles images champs, the crystal badges.
I REALLY want the Full badge image of the Spiderbite Crystal (the BW one) and the Gamora Crystal.

So, can you share it?.
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