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I'm getting ready on my second account to make a Cavalier run, having finished an initial pass of Act 5 and an initial pass through of Variant 3. I have a maxed 5* Dr. Doom, and am looking at taking either my second 5* to R5 or first 6* to R2. It's been a while since I've done a Cavalier run on my main account, and I have some different champs here than I had on the main account when I did that Cavalier run. Any details on your vote choice would be appreciated as well.

A few notes on synergies:
  1. I only have Nick Fury as a 4*, so he can't help Sparkles in Act 6
  2. I have a 5* R3 Colossus, who synergizes well with both OML and OR
  3. I have a 5* R3 Thing for Human Torch

Rank Up Options 12 votes

5* Captain Marvel Movie (Sig 80) to R5
usa4worldcup2014 1 vote
5* Omega Red (Sig 140) to R5
RookiieEtjamaNarwhal52xFiiNCHStellanlowlevelplayerCaptainGameJaximos 8 votes
5* Human Torch (Sig 100) to R5
5* Old Man Logan (Sig 102) to R5
Chris9191 1 vote
5* Guillotine 2099 (Unawakened) to R5
King_Leo321 1 vote
6* Venom (Unawakened) to R2
Hobo_Goat 1 vote
6* Morningstar (Unawakened) to R2


  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,292 ★★★★★
    5* Omega Red (Sig 140) to R5
    Omega is the best unless you have 5* NF for CMM synergy
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