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There appears to be a bug causing missing VFX (visual effects) for a number of elements including traps, phasing and some blocking animations.

Story Time

shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
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So today I finally mustered up the courage to fight Civil Warrior in the Epic Barons war. For a while after scouting and reading the nodes I was pretty discouraged believing the fight to be impossible. My brother kept reassuring my doubts telling me how difficult the fight was when he tried it. I saw that if I explored it though I could get a 5* so I said why not and went at it. I get to the fight very nervous of course and I decided to use Vision (aarkus) well to my surprise I completely dominated that civil warrior ran through it a second time and popped open my 5* and I got

Completely worth it and probably one of my best moments. Anyway I just thought I would share and hope that you guys don't mind. Best of luck to you all and hope you guys have similar stories to share.


  • BinkPlayzBinkPlayz Posts: 97 ★★
    you just intercept him anyway, unblockable means nothing to intercepts
  • SuperiorSymbioteSuperiorSymbiote Posts: 1,862 ★★★★★
    edited April 2020
    Congrats on the pull I too felt discouraged at one point but then again it’s my fault for not reading the nodes in the first place 😂
  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,293 ★★★★★
    the fight is quite annoying if your not a master of quake or intercepts. I chose rank-up materials so I'm most likely not going to do epic because I'm not going to need the resources anytime soon
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    BinkPlayz said:

    you just intercept him anyway, unblockable means nothing to intercepts

    Well I'm not to good at intercepts but Visions Armour breaks gave me a big cushion
  • Mcoc_gamer_481Mcoc_gamer_481 Posts: 62
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,960 ★★★★

    Practice those intercepts my man! They especially become useful in endgame content where the block damage can become a bit crazy if you rely on parry too much.

    Here's an example of the power of intercepting on my alt account. Some long fights, but if you can avoid any damage at all, it's hard to lose haha. Minus unavoidable damage nodes/abilities of course...

  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    Yeah, I'm thinking about attempting the fight, I am not so good with intercepts though I am decent with quake
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