Growing Fast

Join Gods of Destruction. We Will be running 2 AQ groups 5x5 & 5x4(for now). AW is optional. We have about 7 open spots but closing fast on being full. We are a laid back, line using fun bunch. With some serious power to grow. Want to grow with us? We will be pushing 100 million soon. Don’t wait, you’ll miss the freight train.

Line ID: ironmike1422
IGN: IronMike_14~1


  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162

    We only need 5 now. Your missing out.
  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162

    We only need 3. 100K team rating or higher. Running maps 5/3/2. And AW is optional.

    This may be your last chance to join us. Don’t miss out.

    IGN: ironmike_14~1
    Line id: ironmike1422
  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162
    Ok now I only need 2 players 100K team rating and up. AW is optional. Hurry before AQ starts. We will be getting very nice rewards.
  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162

    Only need 1 now. Hurry AQ starts tomorrow. We will prolly hit 70 million in our 2nd week as an ally.
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