Opponent recovery times

Looks like the recovery bug is back. Just fought colossus on caltrops in aq and threw a perfectly timed l2 after a 4 hit combo (med, light, light, light, l2) and he recovered, blocked and killed me. It doesn't happen all the time but I have noticed it on more than 1 occasion.

Anybody else seeing this?


  • JJ4302JJ4302 Posts: 47
    I've seen this in arena, I was fighting Rogue and she hit me mid combo - 1st time it's happened to me
  • _solidsnake_solidsnake Posts: 133
    Are you talking about them blocking SPs after a combo or them striking back mid combo? The last time they fixed this they said that the 4TH light attack in a combo could now transition into a SP with no problems. I'm still having issues with a 5 hit combo (MLLLM) into a SP from time to time.
  • gnews85gnews85 Posts: 96
    I'm talking about blocking specials after a combo when they shouldn't be able to. I've noticed it a couple times now. I've not experienced a mid combo recovery in a while
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