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Any way to Turn OFF Notifications for a specific Thread you’ve commented in ??

(re: the constant, long-running nerf threads such as... well, I’m sure you can guess which ones these past couple days).
But also say for the Meme thread or Wishlist thread (if you ever made the mistake of commenting once within them).

Is there any way to TURN OFF Notifications (the yellow circle and inclusion in Forum Notification drop down list) just for specific Threads ??

I believe there is a way for Muting replies from certain people, but haven’t seen anything for doing that for entire specific Threads.


  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,076 ★★★★★
    Click on the globe where you get notifications at the top in yellow it says notification preferences click on that and you should be able to change them. Also if you have any of the threads marked with the star unmark them.
  • It should be somewhere on your profile.

    Go to your profile, in the right side there will be an option "Notification Preferences".
    You may have the "Notify me when people comment on discussions I've participated in." option marked. If so, dismark it and you should be fine
  • Thanks, they are not Bookmarked (I know that’s how you can get Notified for threads you haven’t actually replied into, but are interested in following).

    And (although correct me if I’m wrong), the General Notification Preferences would result in turning off Notifies for ALL threads.

    I’m just looking to stop getting notified for SPECIFIC threads.
  • Did you accidentaly hit the star icon, at the right side of the thread title?
  • Did you accidentaly hit the star icon, at the right side of the thread title?

    Nope, that would be bookmarked then. It’s the BWCV ongoing thread, which made 1 reply into before it started to get way out of hand.
    But would be useful for people who’ve maybe submitted a MEME into the Meme thread but don’t want to constantly now get Notified all the time going forward for everyone else's Meme contributions.
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