Last Spot For You!!!!

Gods of Destruction has 1 opening left for 200K or better rating player. Line is required and being active is as well.
We are running Map 5x5 , 4x5, 2x5 this week hitting 70 million. We also run AW but it is not mandatory yet.
Next week the plan is 80 Million and after AW Season we will be adding more to get to 100 Million for AQ.
Dont miss the bus :)

IGN: ironmike_14~1
Line ID: IronMike1422


  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162
    Ok back to 3 spots available. Running 5/4/2. Would like to make it 5/4/3 with just a few 200k and up players. Where you at.
  • IronMike_14IronMike_14 Posts: 162
    Need a couple Map 4 players. 2 would be ideal. Over 200K team rating please.

    IGN: ironmike_14~1
    Line id: ironmike1422
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