Masters alliance in Plat 3 (not actually)

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So, we are in plat 3 Tier 2, and we are up against a much weaker alliance than us and they went up against our Mojo boss, with Flow global, see result below:

Yet, the same boss in plat 2 tier 2 brother alliance, with the same flow boss, against a much stronger alliance they got:

It's interesting, isn't it?
We should learn a lot from this alliance, but unfortunately they are not going to share their tips.

Note: we are a 27 Mil, 9700 prestige alliance.
Does anyone know any member from them, I really want to learn some new skills.


  • Um, they are Mojo's from different players, and 1st is not even Awakened (not sure how much easier an UnDup Mojo is vs last one where Mojo was MaxSig). Maybe different Masteries that might have come into play.

    Also, would be easy enough to look at cross-ally war chat and see which of their players actually fought/beat Mojo.
    Just because alliance as a whole is weaker, doesn’t mean they don’t have someone much higher (and with the proper attacker) in their alliance that could have done it.
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    You should use HT with Nova flames on with invulnerability boost (just in case mojo reaches to sp3) , bcoz with flow tactics tht power gain will help u to kill tht mojo himself while using his specials and try to build some Smoulder charges before starting hitting him.
  • nanurepconanurepco Posts: 70
    I m member of a platinum 1 alliance and we HV situations when our boss got only 2-3 kills and we also have situation when our boss got 30-40kills with flow so we should never underestimate our opponent behalf of there rating even some low prestige alliance have the best boss killers.
  • nanurepconanurepco Posts: 70
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    And maybe they have reduced their rating fight with easy opponents and as we all know aw matchmaking sucks I think you might have found a wrong Match 😬
  • pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 857 ★★★★
    the best mojo soloer is magik, by far.
  • AsiaticAsiatic Posts: 6
    Benshb - the guy who took your Mojo one shot is the champion, we have seen his gameplay. I am the member of this ally for long time and the guy you are cribbing is by far skilled than your imagination.. Stop crying everywhere..
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