The Arena Deathmatch problem

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So Kabam, can you explain to us how the 'deathmatch' algorithm works in arena?

For those unaware: If you submit a team into arena below a certain point threshold, the arena decides to pit you against the highest level teams possible for some unknown reason after win 20 or so.

Lately, that threshold has gone up with absolutely no fanfare, announcement, or notification. Teams normally safe from that designation (an R3 and 2 R1s, for example) are being pit against a team of three R3 6* opponents.

If you're going to change the system and force us to rank up champions or not use them to force unit farming, that's one thing. Business is business.

But to do it without telling us? That leads me to one of two conclusions: This is an unwarranted bug, or else you're trying to pull another fast one on us.

Which is it, Kabam?


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    Wow this community is filled with conspiracys
  • Kabam has never laid out the algorithms to use to avoid being matched against a “death match” team in the various Arenas.

    Instead it has been plenty of individual players that have made Arena Streak Guides (pertaining to different Arenas based on what Rarity “Star” versions of champs are allowed) over the years, based on their observations.

    And over time they become out-of-date as the availability of (first) 5* champs were introduced and then (second) were able to be ranked up to a higher “equivalent” ranking than the existing 4* Max, and then (thirdly) as 6* came out and as more and more people could now get 6* r2 (and even 6* r3 now).

    We are once again at a point where people who previously used to “RISK” such a low team as a single 5*r3 with two 5*r1 now have to bump that up again.

    Keep in mind, that all champs of the same Rank/Level are not equivalent when it comes to the “algorithm”, as such other things like their relative PI versus other champ's PI at that same Rank come into play (ie, don't pull the bottom-most three 5*r2's all together for a match just because using a team of your upper-most 5* r2's succeeds), and possible their PI because of different Masteries versus what other player's Masteries may come into play too.
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