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New 5* Feature Arena Streak Requirement

Since the Team Rating needed to maintain a Streak in 5* Feature Arena seems to have gone up in the last several months, I did several Tests around what seems to be the new Team Rating Requirement (at least, for my Roster/Masteries/etc).

(Fyi, I’ve got only a limited amount on the Deep Wounds branch, and am not running suicides, but otherwise is a full and common mastery setup. But not sure whether PI-increasing Masteries even come into play for death match cutoff, or just base PI adjusted with Dup/Sig status).

** The new requirement for me seems to be right around (within maybe 50 either way) 12,600 Team Rating. I would go 12,700 with mine just to be safe.

Did some with all 5* r2, others with 4* 4/40, and some with a mix. (One 4* team got death match at maybe a tiny bit higher Rating than where one of my all 5* teams succeeded at, but all right around that area).

To put that in context (based on my roster), that is a full 5* r2 Team that is around 2/3rd to 3/4th of the way down my entire available 5* r2 roster of champs.

** So to conclude, for those people who swear that they should still be able to use teams with two 5* r1 (with a 5* r3), I doubt that meets 12,600, even if it used to be OK in the past.

And also, goes to show that if you just continually pick the next 3 in order each time, eventually you’d get down to using a team of 5* r2 that are too far down the relative rating scale among all your r2's, as opposed to picking 1 from up top, 1 from the middle, and one from the lower end (of all your 5* r2) that will let you use more of your roster. (or can also do an r3 or 5/50 with a couple of your mid to lower r2).


  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 1,834 ★★★★
    I just did my usual top down approach, after getting the initial streak, and found which team gave me the death squad. Repeated to ensure and now I know where my new bottom team is.

    I was lucky that I was able to beat the death squad both times, all dependent on the opponent team.
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