5* champion pulls

So after grafting hard playing the game I get 13,000 5* shards. I decide against going for featured as too many poor choices. I play everyday not at a level where can easily get 5* shards yet so this is an achievement. I go for standard hoping to pull a decent to excellent one or duping my iceman. No I get Howard the duck! What a massive downer thanks kabam, I'll put him with my Hulkbuster,red Cyclops ,yellow jacket and Ronin (galaxy one not Hawkeye)

My only good ones are iceman, symbiote supreme, rouge (duped) storm (average)

I mean I have so many decent to good 4* I rank them up instead.
Has anyone else had this rotten luck?

Please tell me I'm be harsh and these champs are good (wishful thinking)


  • Mentalboy1Mentalboy1 Posts: 125
    This crystal was a normal one not featured. I thought the same no point risking the featured crystal and open a normal crystal and then wham still a bad champ. I hope Hulkbuster does get buffed.
  • FRITO_ManFRITO_Man Posts: 716 ★★★
    mate, you want to know my 5* pulls recently?
    Daredevil Netflix
    Punisher 2099
    Elsa Bloodstone
    Vision Aarkus

    Besides Vision and Elsa who I actually use, all of the others are stuck at r1 because I'm not wasting catalysts for those POS champs that have no use
    So stop complaining about Symbiote supreme and Iceman. I'll trade you all of my 5*'s for those two.
  • NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 291
    edited May 2020
    My last 6* and 5* were trash beyond trash
    - 6* Karnak
    - 6* Black Panther OG
    - 6* DD
    - 5* Superior Iron Man
    - 5* RR (3 times!!)
    - 5* Loki
    - 5* Ant man
    - 5* Falcon (twice!)
    - 5* Moon Knight (twice!)
    - Magneto
    - Groot
    - Mordo

    All trash!
  • Mentalboy1Mentalboy1 Posts: 125
    Thanks for the comments! Interesting not only one getting trash and good thoughts Mayis never looked at it that way
    Not complaining about iceman and supreme I like them!!!
    Is Ronin and yellow jacket actually decent then? Interesting may be worth eventually ranking uo
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