Looking for AQ +200 mill no AW please

I'm a 9.7k prestige player. Looking for a +200 mill AQ ally that finishes early and with no drama.

I'd prefer no AW or optional please.
Leave your line ID here. I'm looking to move after this aq round.


  • BahmbooBahmboo Posts: 12
    Line ID bahmboo
  • Jcobra25Jcobra25 Posts: 181
    Bahmboo said:

    Line ID bahmboo

    Sent you line message.
  • AniketgageAniketgage Posts: 83
    Line id : intrdimentionalcable
  • Kappa2gKappa2g Posts: 133 ★★★
    Line id: Saltykappa
    56655 300mil AQ with 2bg AW (we can discuss about this)
  • Knorr7227Knorr7227 Posts: 164
    LINE ID: Philly3974 are a 5x5 ally, 200M+, we run smooth like butter on hot bread 😊
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