AWar S17 Leaderboards Currently Missing # of Alliances??? (Gold 1 & Below )

This was brought to my attention by friend. They were at the very Top of Gold 1 until this last AW. But right before this last AW they checked & were at the bottom, in danger of falling to Gold 2.
I checked & the issue looks like it's only showing 200 alliances in Gold 1 Bracket but usually shows 700,'s missing 500 alliances. Looks like everything is fine from Master 1- Platinum 4. It starts in Gold 1. He asked if mine was showing the same & it is. Sucks for them bc their Officers "encouraged" everyone to use items, boosts, etc to get 💯 in all 3 BGs so they would stay in Gold 1. Has anyone else noticed this in their Btackets?

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