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Need 2 with 10k min prestige for AQ focused ally. Map 6 and 5 BGs available!

Alliance Name: The Shadow Power
Tag: [T+S+P]
Time zone (UTC/GMT +/-): US & Europe
AQ Maps: 1 BG on 6x5, 1 BG on 65555 and 1 BG on 5x5.
# AQ BGs: 3
AQ Score (series total): around 290M and looking to break 300M
AQ Ranking (this will be a range when entered): around 630
War Tier: Tier 6 and hoping to stay there.
War Bracket: we have been Plat4 the last 6 seasons, currently Gold 2 after tanking. Targeting Gold 1 next season. Low pressure war with minimal items.
# War BGs: 3
Donations: 115k gold, 6.5k BC, 8K Loyalty (to be slightly increased once we move to 2 BGs running 6x5 on day1)
Looking for: Experienced and reliable player with good availability and 10k+ Prestige We try to be a relaxed and drama free alliance.
Language: English
LineID or Chat-Invitelink: cur53d or Usquebath


  • cur53dcur53d Posts: 271 ★★
    Still looking for 2 with 10k prestige minimum
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