Looking For Good Alliance

I Need Help So I Can Get Better Things I Cant Do It By Myself I’m Online Every Day


  • Sean4Sean4 Posts: 6
    If you are willing to participate in aw aq daily and be patient. We are rebuilding . I have the alliance for you. Sean 1-4 is my in game name . Request me if interested
  • JeezusJeezus Posts: 106
    Jeezus N Pals is hiring. We hit 100mil on AQ. Silver 2. Just made a new alliance last season and are taking ass and kicking names. Core has been together over two years. 5AY10 is the tag. Line ID is nevertrustahippy.
  • Reynie3Reynie3 Posts: 66
    Hi man, feel free to join up with my alliance. VOODOO MOB (VÜDÜ)
    My LINE ID is rey91113
    IGN Reynie3
    I’m looking for active people who want to grow with an alliance and develop their accounts
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