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Please kabam, you don’t hear us. But please hear a person that speak for us.

• stop adding trash champs to 6* pool
• stop making wars more difficult, more units, more potion and so meh rewards (from a plat 1 player)
• we tired of WS , make a content like ROL for endgame players , we don’t care about 200 6* shards from arena, we don’t want to play arena all day.
• change the ratio of champs at cavaliers , there are 3 stars there for people that have end abyss 100% and act 6 100% don’t you think the accessibility of six star should be bigger?

Please , tale care of your playerbase. Really sad to hear that from seatin, but very happy that one guy speak for all of us.

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    gp87 said:

    Gamer said:

    gp87 said:

    Gamer said:

    gp87 said:

    Ok guys not quitting , just he stops AQ & AW but he has done everything. So he will do nothing just opening cavaliers for the subs.
    Thats the point? The point is the game needs changes.

    I’m Agerd ther need a new way to progress without spending one thing com to my mind is a quset ther rest ever day and altered for 24 blok of ios ect for Monday ect be tech but giv ios and that ios can help ikow for him that doesn’t need but for the rest ther doesn’t hav a lot to rank op ect

    I don’t understand what are u saying, but have you played AW at high ranks? If you are not endgame player you are fine, but for endgame players the game is taking wrong direction.

    The only thing I’m hadn’t cler is abyss so yes and play in tier3 war so ikow what it is And to be fair kabam has put out a lot of contests what seatin doesn’t like is how. Nich counter need for boss ect and node to trust me ikow what it is I’m even bourn out my self just I’m set goal and my goal isn’t to cler ever thing when it release
    I am playing at tier 1, i was at the first 100 that finished abyss 100% and i am saying you the only thing that an endgame player can do is :

    1. WAR : flow quake and the full boost units loyalty like crazy
    2. AQUEST: prestige race, just has to buy every deal and every 6* sig stone at the store (not available via the game)

    Im get that flow is horrible designed node but never asmuing wher people is at game. I’m didn’t hav ægon just got him so my Journey for 100 abyss is getting clouser. I’m get your and yes point don’t get me wrong u wasn’t fouce to do it fouce u self to cler conste to be one top of it all with is in my eyes ist fun. At all buttem line what I’m meant ealy for a middle stay like a daily iOS quset for somone ther is abudt to talk the next constes. Sorry my horrible English btw my normal speak is danish and ever time I’m try google translate it end op horrible
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    Stellan said:

    So sad. I feel like Kabam has been under to much pressure recently and that they have some sort of issues with resources, like being understaffed. New content feels stressed.

    I think this content (act 7) came out a lot sooner than what everyone expected - even if only a beta. I think if being understaffed was an issue they easily could have pushed it a few months and no one would have cared.

    I’m more curious about how the new game will effect things in a broader sense once it is released.
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    Honestly, as a mid game player, the change from act 4 to act 5 is kinda boring. The only other thing I can practice is master EQ, but that gets repetitive. It’s just not fun or worth it.
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    I've done Act 5 100% but I've had no motivation to do Act 6, I don't even have Ghost or Quake so I may as well keep waiting. The only thing keeping me in the game is the fact I finally got a decent 6 star and I can now explore ranking up and using that 6 star.
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