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    The only way I see this game moving forward is for a revamp to Solo Events and Alliance Events to make them both more enjoyable to grind and more rewarding. This is probably the most important thing for Kabam to act upon right now.

    If people are motivated to stay in their alliances or complete challenges for additional rewards then they could see players stay. I think a good idea would be to replace Solo crystals with a Solo store where we can spend our earned resources on things like signature stones, boosts, or even Awakening gems with enough saved. (Would obviously have to be set at a high price like Unstoppable Colossus)
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    @DNA3000 Have you watched Brian Grant's video? It seems like you two have come up with similar ideas about story difficulty and legend's runs.
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    DNA3000 said:

    Lovek said:

    Just stop these legend run. No rush = no burn out = no annoying time = happy players for have content to do

    In the beta I suggested a completely different way to conceptualize story arc difficulty, and one component of that was to correct what I have always seen as a major flaw in the legends system. It takes the top tier players, players who already do everything, and encourage them to do everything even faster. That's nonsensical, and encourages burn out.

    The solution: eliminate timed Legends runs. Instead, Legend titles get granted to the first X players to complete the content (be it Act 6 or Book 2 or whatever) under challenge conditions. For example, I suggested itemless. First X players to complete Book 2 Act 1 completely itemless get the legends title and rewards.

    That would slow them down. Instead of seeing who's fastest, we'd be seeing who can complete the content the cleanest. The top players and the Youtubers wouldn't be racing to blitz the content with the highest damage champion while pumping potions into it. They would have to slow down, think about the content, analyze it, practice it, and try to carefully beat it one path at a time.

    When you do this, you can make the base difficulty of the content easier, to target the average player. And then you can make the challenge mode much harder, to give the stronger players a decent challenge with the same content.

    Eventually, you can have tiered Legends titles where let's say the first 100 players to complete the content itemless get Legends titles. And then, after those results are in, the first 100 players to complete the content itemless without using any of the top ten champions used by the first group of Legend runners gets a separate Legend title (and you can't get more than one Legend spot in the same piece of content, or there is a two month cooldown where you can't, or something).

    There are a lot of ways to turn the Legends system from its current mode where I think the runs are uninteresting, and make it the source of higher tier challenging content for higher tier players without really having to make more content. You just build challenges on the existing content.

    Incidentally, this more or less solves the problem of Android devices being at a disadvantage for Legends runs. An old, slow, laggy device you can't play the game well will still be problematic, but a device that takes ten seconds longer to load a fight won't matter.
    Love this idea. People buy energy and potions for legend runs and this would make people spend less for legend runs though. I wonder if Kabam can see the value in the potential increase in health of the game vs. decreased short term spending. I've always thought the time legend thing was odd as it encourages skipping all the story part. Why go to the trouble of writing a story and then encourage people to ignore it?
    This was probably mentioned somewhere back in an earlier post I missed, so forgive me if I’m covering old ground, but why couldn’t some quests have a limitation on items like AQ or AW? If not whole quests, then specific lanes with an item limitation (or outright exclusion)?

    If the emphasis is on skill, a quest could also limit champ rarity (downward, not upward) along with limiting items.

    @DNA3000 I can’t speak to the coding complexity or practicality of it all, but that would necessitate clean runs, right?

    Dr. Zola
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    I'm not a regular forum user as I'd rather spend my time ingame..but I wanted to weigh in.
    First. Unpopular opinion, but I have 0 sympathy for Seatin. MCOC is not a race. It's a long term game. To spend as much money as he did and then to rush content as fast as he could to get the first YouTube videos out for clout. Then sit there for months with nothing to do...sorry not sorry but that's on you. You're not really intended to finish AOL and 100% act 6 within the first month of release. Seatin is currently playing 7DS and doing the same strategy of spending hundreds of dollars a pop on openings and getting every champ and rushing content. In 3 months he's gonna have nothing to do and be bored there too.
    I'm no kabam lover, but I'll take kabam 2020 over any previous year. Remember kabam 2018? When you got nothing but form replies and closed tickets? They didn't care about a thing we said. Kabam 2020 is trying. Maybe not to the point everyone wants but like Kabam Michael said. You literally can't please everyone. Especially when camp A wants something that directly goes against what camp B wants and so on. Enjoy the game for what it is. Make suggestions and fight kabamwhen we need to fight them. Saying you're burnt out when you complete new content immediately is not really an issue they can fix.
    Kabam fix the crystal rates. That's a common consensus. The guy who finished your end game content and pulled the same garbage 6 star champ 3 times is an example. Make allowances to prevent that from happening and if it does happen. Take one for the team and fix it. Remove those champs and give them another shot. YOU ARE capable of doing that even though you say you can't. Also. Fix bugs that hurt players. Don't let it ride for years.

    TLDR. Players: Stop rushing content then whining that you're bored. Kabam: keep working on community relations and fix actual problems instead of making new ones.
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    I've seen the "We've heard your feedback" announcement. Whilst I agree with what was said and how thing are going to change, It was from a game development aspect. We still need to be able to target champions. People are attributing the problems to things like "rewards not being useful or pulling garbage champions" since they could not pull something to help them in later tougher content. That is just another way of saying they couldnt target what they wanted. The reliance on RNG is so deeprooted in Kabam's game philosophy
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    Okay, so everyone's been talking about revamping the crystals, but how, and in what way?
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    @Hera1d_of_Ga1actus I'm glad you and a few others found it worth reading. I would be happy to make a new thread but I think the mods on the forum would be somewhat less happy about it. I do understand that people might not want the more detailed, constructive posts in the thread (of which there are a lot, and it's great to see) getting swamped by personal disagreements and arguments, but if everyone made a new thread with their opinion the forum would be pretty full of them - and my opinion is worth no more than anyone else's, regardless of how obscenely long it was. Thanks for taking the time to read it :)
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    @Redvendetta I didn’t mention it, but I appreciated your post as much as the one from @Timone147 I referenced earlier. Those were 2 of perhaps a handful worth saving across this entire thread.

    Dr. Zola
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    The game should be fun and not suffering with each act it is more and more difficult and which drop is a terrible of five crystals one normal champion is haunted by a black streak some un playable champions you have to think everything over or the game will fall apart over time !!!
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    Okay, so everyone's been talking about revamping the crystals, but how, and in what way?

    Anyone know transformers: forged to fight ? In that game when open bot crystal (bot is same way you call champion in this game ) whenever you duped or not, you get the item so that later you will able to trade bot in shop with that item, I really like that system and want it available in this game, This will allow you to find the missing piece in your roster even RNG said no

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    One thing I would suggest to at least try to improve the communication problems (mass of threads, feeling ignored to a degree, etc.) would be having an official monthly feedback thread.

    Just like this one, but to keep us invested and make it easier for everyone involved give us a new thread every month.

    If this was established the community would have an actual stationary month to month platform to voice their concerns, give feedback, etc.

    And mind you, feedback can also be positive.

    I like this idea. And several have said it. A month off work on bugs, and do some polling and get real feedback. And crunch real numbers
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    DNA3000 said:

    Bert1 said:

    GodMan114 said:

    If Kabam is listening, please explain one major thing to us outside of gameplay...
    In these tough times with COVID and all, why are there absolutely no discounts, specials, and giveaways for these rough times?

    Why is it, that during these tough times, when everyone is home and on social media, games, and TV, that Kabam has only seemed to capitalize with more and more "deals" -- of which none are provided at a discounted rate?

    Shame on you, as a company. Every other corporation has made best efforts to help the community. I'm keeping my gameplay complaints out as most have touched upon it.

    But... on a positive note, I do love incursions. Bravo there (being totally honest).

    they are a mobile game company. Find me a mobile game that gives free stuff during covid-19.
    They need to keep the lights on in a time where no one is spending. And you want discounts?
    Uh, candy crush is giving free stuff every day since this started. Unlimited lives being one of them. Candy crush. Lol

    Not saying we should be expecting free stuff or what the OP said, but stating that no other games are doing it is flat out wrong. and like someone else said, they did give us free energy refills already.
    I'm explicitly not commenting on the "free stuff during quarantine" thing, but I do want to say that games like Candy Crush are fundamentally different from games like MCOC because there's a much greater focus on player competition in MCOC than in idle-burning games like Candy Crush. When everyone gets more stuff in Candy Crush that's a tide that lifts all boats. But "stuff" in MCOC doesn't just have a single player benefit, it has balance repercussions across the game. When you give away champs in MCOC today, those could be the defenders you face in AW tomorrow. People explicitly complained about that after the Cinematic crystal caused everyone to be facing five IMIWs in every war.

    On a more subtle level, game content and game difficulty is balanced around measured averages. Even if AW and leaderboard AQ didn't exist, if you handed out a bunch of strong champions to half the players the other half would be impacted indirectly because those other players, now stronger, would bring up the curve on performance. Everyone else would be penalized without realizing it. That's why even when you have a situation like the current one, making things cheaper in the stores isn't a "pro-player move" like some would describe it. It amplifies what the spenders get and in effect makes things more difficult for the non-spenders as a result. Or just the people who spend less.

    it is easy to say Kabam should help "the players" by either giving things away or making cash offers cheaper in these times. But there are unintended consequences of doing that which are being generally overlooked. You aren't helping "players" when you make cash offers cheaper. You are helping some players and hurting others. And you're helping big spenders gain an advantage over smaller spenders. It is perfectly legitimate for those people to get advantages for their spending. But how do you justify them having a larger advantage over other players now of all times? You're just as easily sending the message that Kabam is going to help spenders even more than before, and if you were either a free to play player or a light spender, you now need to spend more to keep up.

    That doesn't happen in Candy Crush.

    On the other hand, you could just give a bunch of stuff away completely for free. That helps everyone, right? Yes. But it also devalues playing time and spending. If everyone is getting more stuff for free, that means the players who play more are getting a lower advantage for that extra play time (or harder play) than they were before. And people spending are now getting a lower advantage for spending than they were getting before. How do you justify that?

    Unlike in Candy Crush, there's a relationship between free stuff, gameplay stuff, and purchased stuff. The ratio of gameplay stuff to purchased stuff determines how much you value players just playing the game and how much you value the spenders keeping the game alive. The free stuff either dilutes that relationship or magnifies it. And no matter how you change those ratios, you are helping some players and hurting others. There's never such a thing as a universal reward that helps all players, because the way the game works we're all judged against each other, whether we want to or not. The difficulty in the Uncollected monthly quest? That's not set by some formula or some developer just guessing. *We* set that difficulty, by virtue of how many of us succeed and how many of us fail it. That tells the devs how hard it is. If the game handed out more stuff and we all got stronger, UC would get harder to compensate.

    A lot of people talk about how games like this are "treadmills" and they usually use that term in a derogatory way. And yet I don't think *any* of them really understand what that means. Because all of them think that you can increase rewards to escape the treadmill. None of them seem to understand the treadmill is *powered* by rewards.

    As I said, this has nothing to do with whether Kabam should offer in-game something something during the current quarantine conditions. That's a complex question. All I'm saying is that the way rewards work in a games like MCOC is different than how they work in other games that are unlike MCOC, and in a game like MCOC there's no such thing as a free lunch. Everything you do, everything you give away, everything you sell, helps some and hurts others. There's no universal benefit. So this is never a simple question of Kabam helping or not helping players.
    I thought my reply was clear that I was joking by pointing out candy crush. Hence the LOL, and then I actually pointed out that this game gave us energy refills. I wasn’t comparing the two games, nothing I said was comparing them and no person I know including myself would think they are comparable. Not sure why I needed a dissertation on that, but thank you?
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    We need more units in the game, epic monthly quest doesn't give you any units. We almost need a cavalier monthly quest to add because rewards from epic are too few and unnecessary in 2020 for act 6 or abiss without spent money and they are coming to introduce act 7... a very pay for win and wallet wole for this mobile game. At last we need new mastery is impossible and ridicolous that after 5 years they won't release theese. Increment units from arena e monthly quest and please buff older champions quickly.
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    Maybe have the team who designed Variant 4 come back and spearhead Act 7 for us? and then anything else in the future?

    After attempting the beta I literally don't think its playable for myself. And it was not fun whatsoever.
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    *edit Variant 3 was awesome too!!
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    Apparently they had the same designers, don’t know how there’s such disparity in the quality of that is the case though
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    Both P2P and F2P players started playing this game for one good reason, it was fun. Some people just play this game now because they have invested much in it, some because of the alliance and people they have met in the game and some who have not gotten to BS part of the game where it starts becoming unrealistic. If kabaam wants to bring out a content whereby some champs will beat it easier than others fine but don't write off other champs because you guys are using the RNG system, is not everyone that will have that specific champion to pull through content. Why not make the content to be skill based in such a way most champs can do it but with some specific champs it is easier and faster. Aw is too bad am tired of complaining, Arena has been dry for a longtime now. The game now is just filled with offers here and there, featured cavs e.t.c. kabaam will release a content with underwhelming rewards and wait for the community to complain first before they buff the rewards so it will look like they actually listen to us. If you guys want to show us you listen and care for our interest in the game start fixing game modes we have been complaining about for ages. My opinion as usual.
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