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Taskmaster is Broken and needs to be, “Normalized.”

My_SuperiorMy_Superior Posts: 2,086 ★★★★
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I apologize for the clickbait title but I don’t know a better way to raise awareness for this... Taskmaster is broken. He’s not reducing ability accuracy appropriately - maybe not at all. I’ve made this video to help explain the issue and would appreciate if you might take a look to see what’s going on.

If you’re already familiar with Taskmaster’s abilities, skip to the 1:25 mark...

Okay, so in the video you can see that Taskmaster doesn't seem to stop X-23 from activating her defensive abilities when he should otherwise prevent them completely. I have my theories on what’s causing this but it’s really just guesswork;

1) Taskmaster’s ability accuracy values are coded incorrectly so that they don’t apply the values stated in his character description. This may be as simple as moving/removing a decimal point or it may require some real coding expertise. I dunno, I’m a pleb.

2) There’s a line of text in Taskmaster’s Photographic Reflex description that basically says this ability is reset if struck by a Special... Is it possible that this is triggering every time a special is used, regardless of whether is makes contact? I dunno, but this line has always bugged me; Taskmaster’s concussions are temporary as is so it’s not like he’s shutting down abilities 100% of the time anyway. If it is causing issues, It would be a very nice solution if they just removed this hurdle entirely.

3) Maybe Taskmaster’s Signature Ability and his Unique Attacks don't work in tandem? Like one overwrites the other? Maybe Defensive and Regular Ability Accuracy Reduction don’t stack? I dunno, I’m a pleb.

4) It’s Magik.

Okay so that’s all I got. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Please comment and discuss below. Thanks and have a nice day.


  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 198
    I have one at r3. I've been waiting for him to be fixed before r4 him. Thanks for making the video.
  • UmbertoDelRioUmbertoDelRio Posts: 5,129 ★★★★★
    Wait, I thought he was supposed to be/get fixed? It he still broken or broken again?
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,746 ★★★★
    For a little more background, Taskmaster was "fixed" in the 25.2 update:

    TASKMASTER: Photographic Reflexes will now correctly reduce opponent’s Ability Accuracy.

    At this point, it's unclear if they ever worked properly. It'll be very hard to get to the root of this issue without looking at the code. I hope Kabam can look into this.
  • We've passed the video on to the rest of the team. If we have more questions or information, we will post an update.
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,746 ★★★★

    I know there have been some conversations elsewhere where people chalked up your test to possible bad RNG. I wanted to take your concept and try to make the test a little more visible:

    I used Colossus as a test. He's got an ability where anytime he has his ability accuracy reduced under 100%, he gets +100% power gain on hits. This means if Photographic Reflexes is working properly, Colossus will gain double power on each hit.

    At the very least, I think this will be a solid test to see if any potential fix is actually working without having to worry about RNG.
  • theMercenarytheMercenary Posts: 429 ★★
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    This thing becoming annoying. You guys announced at January that he is fixed

    We were happy. I was happy. I didn’t even double check and decided to rank him to r5. Maxed his sig ability. Because I love this champion. That’s enough for me. He has great utilities in the game.

    But he’s still B R O K E N!
    God I can’t even believe.. 6 months passed from supposedly FIX. But nothing even changed.

    If this was an issue about Ægon or Nick fury, you’d fix that in a hotfix not even wait till end of the month. You’re dragging people to rank up only “working” “new” and shiny champions instead of giving them a chance to widen their diversity.

    I never wanted to say this but if you can’t fix it, just tell us like you told in Namor Cull nerf and let us rank down our champ.. because I don’t wanna use him in this way...
  • theMercenarytheMercenary Posts: 429 ★★
    Another day another Doug...

    Someone should tell us About this issue. Seriously what’s wrong here? Is it really so hard to fix a champ like you always do? I don’t wanna hear “we passed it to the team” thing because it makes me wanna cry. You told that already in January. Maybe even before!!!

    Question is simple;
    Why he’s not working properly. Why he’s not working as stated in his abilities. Why you can’t fix him. Why why why... you gotta be respectful to your community and yessir that’s your obligation as a company. Now your community/customers saying that this champion is broken then you gotta listen to them.
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