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Ebony Maw, Buff Idea

Hey everyone, so I recently put up a thread saying that the champion called Ebony Maw needs, and deserves a buff.
I had written that KABAM should buff him, but I realized that Kabam is extremely busy, and most likely has no time to buff older champions, let alone read my thread. So I have taken the liberty of making a possible buff for Ebony Maw:

A master of manipulation and overall evil genius, Ebony Maw is Thanos’s most trusted lieutenant, never failing him even once. Focusing on his strong telekinetic abilities rather than raw physical strength, Ebony Maw curves and bends the environment around him with ease. Additionally, his superhumanly persuasive voice allows him to sway even the strongest minds.

Lacking raw physical strength, Ebony Maw uses his telekinetic abilities to strike his Opponent, this can make it quite challenging to parry him since only his Light 1 makes contact. Additionally, if given the time to focus on his opponent, Ebony Maw will begin to persuade them causing them to falter and miss attacks. If Ebony Maw is able to fully persuade his opponent, he digs even deeper into their mind and begins deteriorating their mental state completely making him a dangerous foe that can hurt you without a single touch.

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99
HEALTH: 14459
ATTACK: 1250

* All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200
HEALTH: 29826
ATTACK: 23074

WITH SIGNATURE (200): 15519

Character Class: MYSTIC
Basic Abilities: Degeneration, Nullify, Falter, Power Steal, True Strike, Armor Break, Cruelty, Precision, Plagued mind

Opponents that take awhile to ramp up:
Any opponent that take awhile to ramp up will be a good target for Ebony Maw since it gives him the perfect opportunity to persuade them before they’re able to fully ramp up to their full potential.
Power Control:
Ebony Maw can steal Power Gain buffs by landing a Heavy Attack, making targets such as Hyperion much more manageable. Additionally Ebony Maw’s heavy attack and Special 3 Attack steals some of the opponents power making him a great option for power control. Maws Special 2 Attack inflicts a power burn Debuff upon his opponent.
Non-Contact Nullify:
Ebony Maw’s Special 1 Attack doesn’t have to hit the opponent to Nullify buffs. This can be great in dangerous situations such as when the opponent has an Unstoppable Buff.
Bypass Guaranteed Critical Hits:
Ebony Maw can be extremely dangerous when brought into the right matchup since all guaranteed critical hits will miss, and grant Maw a Fury buff.
Champions with no Buffs:
One of the reasons Ebony Maw is dangerous is because he can nullify Buffs without landing a hit, allowing him to inflict Degeneration without making contact, however, this ability falls short when his opponent has no Buffs to Nullify.
Long Reaching Heavy Attacks:
When knocked down by a Heavy Attack Ebony Maw’s focus is broken, this gives opponents with long reaching Heavy Attacks a huge advantage since they can easily keep his focus broken.

Kit Abilities:
Deteriorations - Active
Upon completing all his missions, Maw will inflict an active deterioration buff, removing all of  his opponents fury buffs, and draining up to 6% of the opponents max health.
Missions from Thanos:
Ebony Maw has 3 missions to complete. Each mission can only be completed once per fight. Completing all 3 missions in a single fight grants Ebony Maw 2 Persistent Charge, up to a maximum of 10.
When the fight starts, Ebony Maw inflicts the Opponent with 1 Deterioration Passive for every Persistent Charge.
Each time Ebony Maw completes a mission, he inflicts the Opponent with a Degeneration Passive, dealing 218.4 damage over 4 seconds.
Mission 1: Mastermind : Nullify a Buff from the Opponent.
Mission 2: Manipulator : Cause the Opponent to lose Power.
Mission 3: Unwavering : Cause the Opponent to Falter and Miss.
If the Opponent doesn’t have Class Advantage, Ebony Maw causes all guaranteed Critical Hits to Miss.
Landing a Heavy Attack steals all the Opponent’s Power gain Buffs and 10% of their current Power.
If Ebony Maw isn't focused, he begins focusing on the Opponent’s mind for 5 seconds understanding their mental state. This time is doubled if he's under the effect of 1 or more non-damaging Debuffs.
Once focused, the Opponent gains 1 Persuasion every 0.7 seconds.
When struck by the Opponent’s Heavy Attack or Special 3 Attack, Ebony Maw’s focus is broken.
For every 20 Persuasion the Opponent gains, they are inflicted with a Falter Passive lasting 3 seconds. Increasing to 5 seconds against Cosmics. Enemies inflicted with Falter have a 100% chance to Miss.
At 100 Persuasion the Opponent is Persuaded and inflicted with a Black Tongue Passive, reducing Power Gain from all sources by 80%. Black Tongue is not affected by Ability Accuracy and lasts for the rest of the fight.
While Black Tongue is active the Opponent is inflicted with 1 Deterioration Passive every 6 seconds.


SPECIAL 1: Unseen Blades
Ebony Maw forms sharp blades from the objects in his vicinity, slashing the opponent with multiple strikes. Special 1 is Unblockable.
When activated and with each hit, Ebony Maw Nullifies 1 Fury, Cruelty, or Precision Buff from his Opponent. This expands to all Buffs if the Opponent is inflicted with Black Tongue.
SPECIAL 2: Enviromental Manipulation
Ebony Maw manipulates the ground beneath his opponent, knocking them back and forming spikes from nearby debris to hurl at them.
Inflicts the Opponent with a Degeneration Passive, dealing 6% of opponents health over 8 seconds.
SPECIAL 3: Microsurgery Paralysis
Ebony Maw uses his telekinetic abilities to lift his opponent into the air drawing them closer before impaling them with microsurgery needles.
Ebony Maw reaches into his Opponent’s mind depleting all their current Power, gaining 35% of the Power depleted for himself over the next 4 seconds.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Deteriorating Mind
When the Opponent Misses an attack they are inflicted with a Degeneration Passive, dealing 523 damage over 4 seconds.
Each time Ebony Maw Nullifies a Buff or Activates a Special Attack he places 1 Deterioration Passive on his Opponent.
When Ebony Maw inflicts his Opponent with a Degeneration, all Deterioration Passives are consumed, each adding 314.4 damage to the Degeneration.


LIEUTENANTS OF THE BLACK ORDER - Team Synergy: Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight
All Members of Thanos Army: When the fight starts, gain a Precision Passive increasing Critical Rating by 50% for 20 seconds.

CULL OF THE MAW: Cull Obsidian
Ebony Maw: Charging a Heavy Attack for 0.5 seconds grants the Opponent an indefinite Fury Buff, increasing their Attack Rating by 0%.
Cull Obsidian: When 1 or more Thanos’ Favor Buffs expire, gain a Fury Buff granting 10%attack for 10 seconds. Fury Buffs gained in this way will not stack.

ENEMIES LV. 3: Iron Man (Infinity War), Doctor Strange, Hulk (Ragnarok) Spider-Man (Classic)
All Champions gain +165 Critical Rating

ENEMIES LV. 3: Thor (Ragnarok), Heimdall, Loki
All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating

As usual I would love to hear any comments, thoughts, or suggestions you may have.


  • Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 3,977 ★★★★★
    This has some good points but the problem is Kabam already "buffed" him from absolutely horrible on offence, to absolutely horrible on offence, the chances he will be touched again in a while are little to 0
  • UnassignedtesterUnassignedtester Posts: 24

    This has some good points but the problem is Kabam already "buffed" him from absolutely horrible on offence, to absolutely horrible on offence, the chances he will be touched again in a while are little to 0

    All the more reason that Kabam should revisit Maw.
  • UnassignedtesterUnassignedtester Posts: 24
    edited May 2020
    Etjama said:

    Coming from someone who's 3rd 6* is Maw, this is a great and highly welcome idea. Too bad it's never going to happen.

    Well we can hope that Kabam takes note of the issues with the various “meme” tiers, and acts on it.
    Also.... ouch. I hope you had better luck with later crystals.
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