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OG Vision - For Unit Champion Needs A Buff and Should Be Prioritized

Come on guys, this is a champ you only offered for units so people saved and paid a lot for this champ - could you please prioritize him for a decent buff?!?

His special damage is so bad that at best he does ?8k damage sp2 and ?4k damage sp1. There’s no crit and it’s completely dependent on draining power - which some champions are immune to. Many champions crit on a medium or light attack more damage than his specials.

He’s a robot which means nothing now since many non-robot champions have the same immunities or more or better and still get willpower healing. And his base stats are bettered by mystic power drain champions like Dr Doom or Symbiote Supreme. So is he a power control tech like a mystic tech or what? He certainly doesn’t compare to ghost’s damage or warlock’s control plus damage... or darkhawk or sparky... and they are available without units!

A quick edit of his files should be able to buff his base stats and would there be a way to make his specials do a base damage that could crit plus damage for draining? That should be a quick easy buff...

If you’re feeling extra attentive, give him a phase like ghost or a dash back and hold for 2s to phase and do something cool like drop debuffs and gain power for each debuff or heal..

Or just give people a refund for a champ they don’t use? lol /joke

Thanks for listening!
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