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Looking for new Alliance: Map 4 experience, looking to grow! AQ>AW

I am a reliable, friendly, and mature player looking to join a new alliance where my champs and I can grow. I am very active in AQ and AW. Prefer AQ over AW but i am a team player and will do what it takes to help the Alliance grow. Very familiar with Map 4 in AQ. Active on Line. Feel free to message me in game or via Line. Please check me out!!!

Game ID: Sillyilly
Line ID: Sillyilly
Prestige: 5,368
Total Base Hero Rating: 465,348


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    UcvntUcvnt Posts: 15
    Hi bud we are a new alliance looking to grow if u want to join us
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    JeezusJeezus Posts: 106
    Hey man. Got an established ally you’d fit right into. We’re hitting 100mil+ in AQ
    Line id is nevertrustahippy
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    OhlmammuOhlmammu Posts: 52
    Add me in game "Ohlmammu" or on line "ohlinho". You would fit in perfect with us. Map 4 and optional wars
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    Knorr7227Knorr7227 Posts: 187
    Sent you a message on LINE, 21M ally running 544x5, we have a spot for our map 4 bg, average score 145M+ in AQ
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