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I believe that one way in which Kabam could come back from this debacle is to treat Act 6 as a rite of passage. I mean, I would absolutely love for it to be reworked, especially 6.2, but I doubt it will. So if we treat Act 6 as about proving that you have the skill and depth of roster (or wallet) to beat everything that the Grandmaster can throw at you from Crossbones to the Champion and Acid Wash Mysterio (Shivers with my R1 King Groot) until ultimately the Grandmaster himself has to throw down, then Book 2 should be about celebrating this achievement.
I would like Act 7 to enhance elements of your roster in the node set up and in the choices of defenders without actively hindering the rest of your champions; if I'm using revives I want it to be because I've made a mistake, not because I've got to grind a fight down with 2 team revives and 30% boosts because it's just hideous.

Recently Incursions have been hugely fun to play - VtD on Buff Cornucopia is a monster - because I can bring literally any champion and by the time I've stacked up a couple of hacks they're hitting like trucks and doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. In more 'regular' content, I loved V3 because Sentinel became an absolute titan, but equally, I could use any tech champion and they would also be enhanced. Variant 2 was awesome because all of our XL champions were enhanced in one way or another and have specific quests that would give them even greater power, but on the flip side, if you didn't have access to all the best XLs, there were very reliable work arounds in using heavy attack or SP3 based champs.

I was talking with a friend earlier, and in a similar vein we came up with a few thematic approaches that lanes could have that would actively enhance certain characters or types of characters, without actively hindering others.

- Spiderverse - Venom/VtD etc. could have enhanced buff potency/duration or the various Spidermen could have enhanced crit rating/damage when they have evade charges/timer. Doesn't necessarily have to be that, but something that would encourage you to bring some Spiderverse champs.
- Bleed enhancement lanes that could let us pull out Ronin/Blade/Gwenpool/Nick Fury
- Avengers lane that could allow Champions with the Thanos' army tag to work their way through - chuck in a few higher hitpoint but lower attack champions that would allow for some massive Proxima (or finally see how much damage Namor can do) specials but wouldn't necessarily be punishing if you don't have those two champions - they'd just be slightly longer fights.
- A lane that is full of Thanos army champions for your avengers to work through. Avengers tagged champions could gain true strike or immunity to nullifies, for example.

Bring back things like Flare, put Buff Cornucopia into the live story to make our buff champions go wild.

I'm just spitballing, but I think it could be a viable solution to the direction of story mode.


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    I like this a lot.
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    I've posted this in another thread, but this was what I envisioned 7.1.1 was going to be like.

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