Add L1 alliance revives to the loyalty store permenantly

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Now that we have much better revives and potions for those that spend units, would it be possible to put the l1 350 health alliance team revive as a permenant item in the loyalty store, its becoming abit ridiculous having to wait sometimes weeks to stock up on these resources that are vital for 2 main key areas of the game, if you have the loyalty available, you shouldnt be forced to spend 180 units a time to often revive 1 needed champ just because it hasnt appeared for a long period of time! Would be a huge quality of life improvement Kabam!


  • Weeks ... probably been about a month at this point. Maybe longer. Haven’t seen cheap revives in the loyalty store since some time last season. It’s getting dire.
  • It would be great if they were permanent.
  • 1355Panther_1355Panther_ Posts: 9
    Agree, It's been weeks since L1 Alliance Team Revives have been in the Loyalty Store. We should have unlimited access for them in the Loyalty Store. Since Kabam likes to continuely change the rules to thier favor all the time. We need something more permanent to be able to fall back on. When they pull their shady nerfs & bugs.
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