Bishop underrated

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Days like this, I'm happy to play mcoc... Finally, I pulled a 6-Star Bishop. I waited 2 years for him, when he was in the first pool of 6 star features in 2018, I tried for him and got Nebula. I still have no 5-Star version. Anyways, I took him for a test drive and he basically similar to my 6-Star Movie Captain Marvel. You just build them energy charges up and sp3 or sp2 and that damage amazing... Because he's always been one of my favorite X-men characters. I'm just happy to finally get him. Why doesn't he get much attention?


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    if you look at how many good champs in mutant class then the answer is pretty obvious. even above average champ would be difficult to compete when you see other more versatile mutant champs in place.
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    I think Bishop is great. His biggest struggle in my opinion is how helpless he is against the Tech class. Of all champs in the game, he suffers the most from a class disadvantage. Sentinel can still gain analysis charges, only more slowly. She-Hulk can still apply Furies, but she can't refresh them. CMM can still fight mystics, but she takes more damage from blocking their hits.

    Bishop on the other hand has his whole kit stripped when fighting at a disadvantage. With no access to Prowess, he loses his bleed shrugging, healing, and his main source of damage output.

    He's a great champ who really just needs to have his disadvantage toned down a bit.
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