Some Game Suggestions for Champions and System


Daily Crystal:
There would be an exclusive champion for Daily Crystal like there is for Arena and Alliance Crystal. I would love to see Yellow Suit Daredevil or something like that. The rarity could change with the category of the account according to History Missions.

Old Characters:
Why old champions are so useless as long time passes? Making new characters should consider not erasing what was there since the beginning. I would suggest releasing one character and remaking another old in order to make it balanced, but it would delay an very long list that is on Marvel characters. But once there's not this kind of viability, I suggest that new abilities should consider not bringing invincible characters... some champs win fights without even fight, while others lose after working very hard. This is terrible specially when you work hard to open a rare crystal and take an old and consequently useless character.

I know it's hard to develop games (so take your time), and once the game is getting bigger, it would be good if old characters have attention before they're entirely forgotten. (I confess I was surprised when Moon Knight got a Variant, because he doesn't show up in arenas or profile pictures).

Masteries could help with it too, bringing Masteries that give a kick in that unused champ would be great.

This one I thought lately, but it's an idea to think slowly. I think characters could bring "Leadership Buff" in their team. How it would work? The first square in the team should be reserved to the character you want to be the leader in the team, and this leader would bring a buff that is applied to every characters like synergies does. This would be a good way to bring old champions a buff without changing so much in them, but it have to be thought slowly because it can increase even more the difference between useful and useless champions.

This Black Widow event brought me the idea of bringing more pre made teams and with one click we can change for another pre made team. It's kinda boring to change the team to make 2-stars only missions and then back to normal missions. If there were a way to change it faster it would be great. One click and you change to your pre made team with 2-stars and another click to change to another team. (Checking their availability according to Missions, Alliance Missions and War before starting the mission).

Help button just for 4 helps? Come on, sometimes even that button stop working... please, put a Help All.

Claim button in missions need some attention too, why not a "Claim All" outside the mission instead open the mission and taking every 5 rewards manually?

Crystals from solo missions:
Why not making those two crystal just one? I don't know the reason of these being two different.

Alliance Crystal (1000 loyalty):
Can it have a remake and bring rewards according to the Alliance tier?

I know many ideas I gave might not be viable, but I want to know if those were at least considered. I'd like to thank the creators for the game, too, it bring me a lot of fun. And thank you for reading all of this.

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