Second Phase Requests

Firstly I am aware that many of these threads are being created. I wanted to go over my opinion on how the Contest can be improved. As a community, we appreciate your brief discussion going over the future of the Contest. Please allow us to assist you around any content which we feel needs to be updated to better suit players or to provide a better experience in the Contest. I will provide some clear explained points, please add any other points if necessary;

Event Quest

Cavalier Difficulty:

Epic/Uncollected monthly content is becoming ‘a glide’ for many endgame or experienced players. Please consider adding this cavalier difficulty, with equitable rewards.

Energy Costs:

Energy costs are becoming a small problem, because it results in logging on for 15 minutes, and then waiting for a few hours in order to redeem a full bar of energy. Quest energy costs only become a problem when side quests also cost 3 or 4 energy per tile.

User Interface (Not prioritised)


After approximately 3 years of the same backgrounds, some summoners are covetting the ability to change backgrounds of the crystal screens, as well as around the menus. Whether Kabam makes a permanent change to backgrounds, or whether we have the ability to change our backgrounds, just like Profile Pics. Summoners are ready for a change.


A few summoners in my past alliances have suggested the ability to change menu and combat music. Whilst this would be a nice addition, I do not passionately support this idea.


Cavalier Crystals:

As content progressively gets harder, I believe it is now time to introduce Cavalier Crystal Shards, obtainable through Cavalier calendars. I believe that summoners need an alternative way to potentially obtain 5 and 6 star champions, through logging in daily.

Featured Hero Crystals:

I’m sure this topic has been conversed many times, but I would like to quickly reiterate that by adding characters who have no use for any content, it is potentially unjust and harmful to the mentality of summoners. Some champions have no eligibility for many quests across the game, therefore pulling these champions from featured crystals may be extremely underwhelming.

Alliance Quest and Alliance War:

I am aware that you are currently making changes to these game modes. Please provide us with more information on how these game modes are going to be adjusted, especially Alliance War.

EQ Variant: Content Release Schedules

Variant is probably the most appreciated content in the game. It gives players the ability to use specified champions, and to have fun with who they use least. We, as a community, feel like Variant 5, scheduled for august, has been planned really late. Seatin, a member of the CCP, believes that Variant content should be released every 2 months if possible. I firmly agree. The rewards are great and help summoners to form crystals and upgrade specific champions!

Synergy Teams for Lesser Champions:

I have noticed that new champions arriving in the Contest are providing lesser champions powerful synergies to help improve their overall performance. I think this is really great to see, however I feel that the lesser champions either need buffing, or to somehow gain advantage in content. Following your guidelines, I do believe this is what you are trying to do, so make it happen!

That’s all from me, please continue this thread.


  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 368
    Seatin is not part of the CCP.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 6,823 ★★★★★
    PsyLife said:

    Seatin is not part of the CCP.

    Yes he is, he said he joined again in his last video
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