Character Suggestion

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I’m requesting to include Cloak and Dagger, Deathwatch because of ghost rider, Kraven the hunter or Calypso Ezili because of Spider-Man, Dazzler or Spiral because of Mojo, Jim Lee costume of Psylocke, Mystique or Captain Britain. There are lots of characters to choose from marvel and create. 3 versions of black widow is too much. I like them but I’d rather have another character. I’m an MKX player but I fell quickly in love with this game because of the never ending possibilities for new characters. Disney pvp is not good because their characters are too expensive and has limited updates with it. MKx, I’m starting to get bored with their bronze and silver upgrades. No used and frickin waste of space. No new characters are produced. I‘m happy to discover this game. It’s an advertisement inside MKX mobile. Lol!


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