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Ideas to help MCOC
I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’ve been tempted to “retire” twice this year. The game has become frustrating and all it feels like lately is: add content, add champions and that’s it. Part of my frustration is the part of getting champions. Since the introduction of the crystal shards I haven’t seen changes in this aspect. Me as a player, I like to get champions but getting different champions is the frustrating part to me, but I feel I’m not the only one. There are over 150 champions, you wouldn’t use the tier system. I propose different categories of shards. The game has 5 years, you could divide the champions by years. Year 1 champions, Year 2 champions, and so on. Now, for premium crystal shards, summoners could chose between 2000 premium shards for a random year 1 champion, 3000 shards for a random year 2 champion, 4000 shards for a random year 3 champion, 5000 shards for a random year 4 champion, 6000 shards shards for a random year 5 champion, and you can add on through the years. This could be applied to 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, 6-star, and grandmaster champion shards. I know it’s a rough idea but I’d like to have more choices.


  • Dwhalen8554Dwhalen8554 Posts: 119
    Something needs to change for sure. I am also at the point where I need 2-3 specific champs and I feel like I will never get them. People will just stop doing content because they don’t feel like burning thousands of units to push through terrible content
  • LotrfnmLotrfnm Posts: 3
    And the rewards of shards to get a champion that you won’t need... that’s frustrates me
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