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new war type suggestion

Right now lots of things are going in mcoc community. people are frustrated or not happy with lots of area in game.
specifically war. we r playing war like froms years with no changes only changes in war is new maps and now tactics which is most anoyid thing added by kabam. they added it for fun but it actually nt anyway I'm nt here to complain about current scenario, here to give some suggestions may changes the tables for kabam or may b community finds it cool.

1. wars must b change like everyone season.
2. now here the stuff u can use in wars. why we don't rotate wars like specific stars and classes
3. like one season with 2 🌟 in which we can only place 2 🌟 defender and use 2🌟 attacker similarly nxt season replace with 3 🌟 nxt 4 🌟 this way everyone needs to dig whole roster which is rarely use and find some fun with different things
4. another thing is same like specific🌟 u can replace it with specific classes one class for whole season eg. cosmic so defender and attacker both need to b cosmic
5. with this u can mix this both idea together too eg. 3 star mutant war season
6. u can rotate this every single war so people don't gt bored with same thing going like forever
7. thanks its just an idea i would love to play like this and may b lots of community members too


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    ShrewskiShrewski Posts: 23
    Agree, something needs to done. Just started new war and all of my champs are KO’d by first node. The opposing team quite rightly put the thing on nodes 1, 2 & 3 - but where’s the fun in that! 100% diversity should be compulsory.
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