Sym Supreme vs. Longshot - rankup threat

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I have been missing a solid mystic in my roster for ages. Recently, luck turned my way and I got both SS and Longshot. Now, while both will go to at least r3, I wonder whom do I put to r4.

Symbiote Supreme:
Pros - utility, dmg output, synergy w Venom (who is always on my team)
Cons - quite rng dependant, has to wait for SP3 which prolongs the fight, quite reliant on buffs, bleed reliance

Pros: dmg output, independance on buffs, AA, has synergies w Domino and CapIW (both are always on my team)

Cons: less utility than SS, a bit specific playstyle, incinerate reliance

Hope I summed them all up. If I forgot any, write them down in comments.

Now, I am strongly leaning towards Longshot, because I dont like SS, but I wanted to ask the community its opinion.


  • ReferenceReference Posts: 1,028 ★★★
    “Now, I am strongly leaning towards Longshot, because I dont like SS“ - The answer is here.

    I have both sitting at 5r3, if I need to rank either of them, I’d prefer SS over Longshot as SS is particularly useful in long fights vs Longshot. Although Longshot’s SP2 is really powerful if you have good karma, he is really a niche champ imho.
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