Will Passive Degen in Map 6 AQ forever be different than Starburst?

bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 779 ★★★
I mean they both deal passive damage but why one does trigger Face Me and one doesn't?

What's the deal here?
Why can't they let players be happy with the game for once and happily use Gladiator Hulk for that path facing both nodes?
They created the champ but only really good on niche situation.
Sentinel and KG in map 6 on that passive degen can make the fight longer due to their high physical resistance and high regen respectively, so your champ will take more damage from the node.
Not to mention it is in section 3 where most of the time your champs' healths at below 50%.
Sometimes even below 20%.

Alliance revive is scarce. Sometimes you do make mistakes and need them.
Only to find that now it has depleted from your resource.
Alliance potion is still low in health value even when we are already using 5* and 6* in there.

Sometimes map 6 AQ AI seems passive and you got a time out. Would be nice if it gets extended by only another minute.

Don't you think it's time to change?
The delay of changes just builds up frustration, imo
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