Random appearance of awakening gems in epic rifts

Dear kabam, as we were foretold that we can use chronometer to select the path for getting the reward we wanted in the rifts. I wanted a mutant class awakening gem, it first appeared on my very first rift, however it's been approx 10-11 rifts since then and I haven't seen the mutant Awakening Gem. In my very first rift i didn't had the chronometer,I saved intel and bought it but since then I haven't seen a mutant AG, now most probably 2 or 3 rifts are left how am I supposed to get what I want?


  • MD_MoizMD_Moiz Posts: 39
    You should have Atleast assigned the order of appearance of the AGs.
  • Rory58Rory58 Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a science gem and have not seen one. I’m in the same boat as time is running out and I have kept trying but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the gems. Also, my luck with random has been terrible. Nothing better than 1000 5* shards.
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