AQ focused alliance looking for one

We run map 6x5 in 3 bgs for top 150 and like running some map 7 as well to hit top 90. We are currently waiting to see how we place with the new ticket system. With how it affects our placement.
In war, you just need to to place diversity champs that you don’t use for content or aq attack. If that means all 6r1s, no problemo! Clear your line, die a couple times on the way, it’s all the same to us as long as that boss goes down! If we get into t5 or higher, we streamline to avoid the globals. 10.5k+ prestige required.
Line: kaycg1
Hit me up! Let’s chat over a beer!


  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 188
    We are now looking for 2! If you and your Eskimo bro are looking perfect time to get in together!
  • AlmurichAlmurich Posts: 87
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 188
    Still looking for one! Our replacement decided to retire. Which in turn doesn’t replace the one wanting to retire!
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 188
    Still looking for one!
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