For LOL run, rank unduped 6 star Colossus or duped 5 star Colossus?

altavistaaltavista Posts: 272 ★★
I currently have an unawakened 5 star R4 Colossus (have a mutant awakening gem).
Managed to finally go through a streak of bad luck with 6* pulls, and pulled a 6 star Colossus.

Like the title says, if I am trying to do an initial completion run of Labyrinth of Legends using a Colossus focused team (Colossus + Emma Frost + Juggernaut + Omega Red + other), would I benefit more from an unawakened Colossus 6-star at R2 or taking an awakened Colossus 5-star to R5?

From looking at the sig ability, it has Colossus gain an armor up buff whenever one of his immunities protects him. What would his immunity protect him from in LOL if the goal is to avoid getting hit?


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