The Road to Cavalier Difficulty


Next month, we embark on the voyage to one of the most requested features in The Contest; a new difficulty level for our Event Quests! But before we get there, we’ve got to take a few steps first.

Next month, we will be introducing a higher difficulty level for our Side Event. It won’t be called Cavalier difficulty, but that’s because we want to use the next 2-3 months as a way to refine the difficulty and tune the rewards in content that is more digestible than a full Event Quest.

We will use next month’s Side Event to gather data and opinions on how players fare against this new difficulty, as well as feedback on the rewards. It should provide a challenge for our players that have achieved Cavalier but also reward them adequately for that challenge level.

Why the lead-up?

We wanted to do this a little differently than when we introduced the Uncollected difficulty. Instead of committing to a difficulty level, and having to potentially adjust some elements afterward, we wanted to verify our assumptions in a more controlled environment, give you a chance to experience it, and react accordingly to feedback before we introduced such a big step for our Cavalier players into our regular updates.

Why a new difficulty?

The Uncollected difficulty was built for players that had beaten Act 5 Chapter 2. All it takes is one run to defeat the Collector, and you’ve got access to monthly Content that provides you with a new Challenge. Fast forward to today, and there are 2 more Chapters after 5.2, and all of Act 6 as well. A freshly Uncollected Summoner is miles away from one that’s achieved the title of Elder’s Bane, and even further away from those that 100% Explored all of Act 6.

That means that we had to create content that is accessible to somebody that has only just beaten The Collector, but also still engaging for a Summoner that has also taken down the Grandmaster. That’s a very difficult gap to bridge. A Cavalier level difficulty means that we can build content that is more tailored to that progression level.

Tell Me More!

Unfortunately, we can’t right now. We’re very excited about this and are happy to be starting on the road to Cavalier difficulty with you all next month. Look for more information as we get closer to the end of the month, and please make your thoughts heard if you play through it.
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