Who to r5

Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 701 ★★★
I just completed variant 4 and variant 2 back to back(don't have any good tech champs to take on v3 yet) and so I have enough to r5 either nick fury or claire voyant. So who to r5?
Have both at r4 and they're gonna both eventually go to r5 but asking who to r5 first. I also have a 6* domino who I'd like to take to r2 but not before I get fury and voyant to r5 first.(4 t5b for 2 rankups vs 3 for 1)
Appreciate everyone's opinion

Who to r5 10 votes

Nick fury
RoOOtsKRANꓘHedronGiodood_1Terribol0512MasterpuffSpideyFunkoMathgeek 8 votes
Claire voyant
evilteddumzvalio1 2 votes
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