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Change to 3-Day Event Time ?? (now matches 1-day event)

Anyone else notice that this current 3-Day COMPLETION Event lines up with the normal 1-Day Event times now ??

Even when this one first started several days ago it was showing an hour MORE than 3 days for duration, and is aligned with the normal 1-Day Event Start/Stop times now.

US-Eastern.. 3-day used to be 12:30pm, and 1-day was (and still is) 1:30pm.
Now the 3-day lines up with 1:30pm as well.

And this has nothing to do with Daylight Savings Time, as we are well past that.

KABAM, was this an intentional change ?? Will 3-day continue to match 1-day from now on ??


  • Oh, but the new one coming up (3-day Villain Use) seems back on it's original time track.
    Will be starting in 5 minutes.

    So must have been a 1 time error for COMPLETION Event to be off (and will have two different 3-day events running concurrently for the next hour in a little bit here).

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