Caustic temper paths act 6

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Hya folks..

I’m completely frustrated with the game for the past 2 months. For some context.. I’m almost 100% in 6.1 but missing the buff up and the caustic temper paths. Likewise.. I’m stuck at Mr. Sinister 6.2 with caustic temper.

Im wondering if there’s any champ, or champ synergy I’m overlooking that you could enlighten me.

Believe me.. I’ve searched a lot before posting this.. here and YouTube.. But just can’t seem to find a solution. I feel like I’ve hit a wall and basically the game became a waiting compass for a couple champs.. it’s not about skill anymore.

From the solutions I already read for these paths.. I guess it’s easier to say what I don’t have: Heimdall to pair with Angela/Hela, hype, or sparkles. I have warlock but no ultron/vision.

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