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Guys plz help with bane. I am on my way to get uncollected and need help on bane... degen just wrecks me... any help is appreciated. .. if you want my roster, I will post it.


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    Keep an eye on the bane timer. When the timer gets to about the 7-8 o'clock position, break off your attack if you're in a combo. When the timer gets to the 9 o'clock position, try to go for a parry. If you get it, delay your attack a bit and then hit them with a 5-hit combo. This should transfer the bane passive mid-combo, minimizing any Degen damage you see.

    Bane is all about timing. Keep an eye on the timer. It's rough at first, but you really get used to it.
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    don't get hit. Hit them. Win
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    LeoZed said:

    Guys plz help with bane. I am on my way to get uncollected and need help on bane... degen just wrecks me... any help is appreciated. .. if you want my roster, I will post it.

    Your rosters really not important. What is ESSENTIAL is max points in PARRY and STUPIFY masteries. Perfect block mastety helps too. The name of the game is to “increase your parry stun time duration.” Maxing out then 3 masteries will help TREMENDOUSLY! Try to time your parrys when the bane timer is around the 10 o’clock area for example and with them masteries maxes out your stun duration will be really long but DONT start your combo until the bane timer is around 11 o’clock area of the bane timer so you’ll transfer it back mid combo... sometimes you’ll have to parry and wait half a sec or so before starting the combo so it’ll transfer back in middle of your combo. Also don’t be to agressive in 2nd half of bane timer, you don’t want them throwing a special when it’s around 10-11 o’clock. Just watch the power bar and do 1-3 hit combos if needed. Also when they below 25% health the bane damage won’t be so severe so don’t stress if it gets in you just keep your calm and play smart... bane was a HUGE obstacle for me at first. I fought that Moonnight ab 100 times practicing before actually doing the path
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    Just pay attention to your bane timer and slow your combo if it's getting close.Also backdraft intercepts help a lot if they don't have a bar or more of power, additionally champs with long special animations or a pretty reliable stun are a great help
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    Also if u have any power gain champs like Hyperion or blade u could keep yourself at sp3 power level and launch it just when u get bane, which will immediately transfer it to the opponent . Another one iron man iw's unblockable sp1 and killmongers unstoppable charges , these help u to transfer bane easily.
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    I would recommended practising against the 5.2.1 Moon Knight fight. Once you practise enough you can adapt to it. I don’t know how to describe it but I would also agree with those who posted above me, wait out parries. Tbh it’s one of those things that you just adapt to over time, practise and get good basically.
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    Just practice on the moon knight in 5.2.5 until you’re used to it
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    Thank you very much guys for your help.. I will look into my masteries and practice with moon knight... seems that it is only on the timer and specific champs don't matter...
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