Alternative to Rank Down Tickets

So forget the term "rank down tickets". What if there was a way for us to purchase/earn a way to remove resources from a champ within a given time period? 30/60/90 days. Like test driving a car.

My example is Carnage, while I am not going to debate his usefulness, I will say that many who earned or won him, ranked him to 5/50, 4/45, etc only to find that he is not what they expected. Now just image if they had 1 of these "test-drive" gems and could recover the resources used on a broken, useless, or unwanted champ?

This would be very helpful, as I think we have all experienced disappointment that we could not 100% anticipate without trying it first. I doubt this will upset the balance of the game if you get one every few months...maybe with a Web-slinger type challenge reward.

Just an idea-tweak on the infamous RDT

I posted this in a recent Rank Down post, but I fear it got lost between the back and forth bickering. My thought behind this was that this would everyone from the Vets to the Noobs and not cost Kabam cash and might satisfy those who ask for RDT weekly.



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    Antgeo1Antgeo1 Posts: 120
    @Star_Lord_ -Glad you took my advice. This is a great idea! My only input would be to drastically shorten the trial period. Maybe like 4/7/14 days.

    My example would be if you are trying to find a new AW defender, wait to rank him/her up right before placement and try them out. If a quest-runner is required, rank them at the start of a new month. Either way, you should be able to know if you like the champ within a few days or a week.

    I also would add these "trial tickets" (your idea - just didn't know how to refer to them) to the last day of a monthly log in calendar so every player has a chance, not just those who can finish a higher level challenge.

    Kabam - please consider this, those that are asking for RDT might be happy with a plan like this in place.
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    Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 528 ★★★
    @Antgeo1 Thanks for the support! Good point on the duration, 90 days is way too long! :o

    Trial tickets - I like, but since "tickets" have had a bad rap, how about a "Trial Gem"?
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    SlyCat42SlyCat42 Posts: 500 ★★
    In theory this would work... but a large part of the game is grinding and allocating resources. They haven't re-issued rank down tickets because it breaks that system. For example, if you ranked up a character to do LoL and then immediately ranked them down only to rank up another character to do a special event like the Webslinger Challenge then you no longer have to use up any resources to do those events. Instead you are just reallocating them elsewhere when your need for that champion is over.

    IMO only issuing rank down tickets when necessary (while frustrating) is actually required to keep game balance. I expect they will return some time in the future, but who knows when.
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    I think in their next challenge they should include a 5* and 4* RDT. One each.
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