Question About SP3

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So I was fighting on an All-or-Nothing path, and I was still Phasing when my opponent (Hyperion) got to an SP3. I blocked, but he didn't hit into my block, so my Phasing was still up. However, he threw his SP3 (while I was blocking and Phasing), and I took damage (I had the Hood synergy).
In her character description, it states that if she blocks an Attack, her Phasing ends. Does this mean that she "blocked" the SP3, even though an SP3 is technically unblockable?
I'm also pretty sure, that I was still Phasing when he threw the SP3, but I might be wrong.


  • DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 396
    I do find it weird, but regardless the synergy should ignore that and just takes zero damage during phasing
  • Crys23Crys23 Posts: 119
    Blocking and phasing cant happen at the same time with ghost.
    To block, you need to touch the screen. You touch the screen you lose the phase. You lose the phase, you take damage from l3.
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    You can be in blocking stance while in phase, contact makes the phase go away.

    As for the sp3, if you were in block stance, then the sp3 will break the phase and cause damage. You need to be in phase but not in blocking stance to take sp3s. It's a hard habit to break, being in blocking stance, but with ghost you need to break that habit and get used to the timer.
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