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Seatin just had a great idea

He said in his last video, why not adding a 5 star nexus crystal (choose 1 of 10 like in the abysse) for 100% LOL ? Right now I could 100% LOL but I don't see the point the rewards are really outdated. What do you guys think of that ?


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    H3t3rH3t3r Posts: 2,882 Guardian

    That sounds good to me. I'd like it more if some decent rewards were spread out over percent completion rather than
    1st run -> reward
    Runs 2 - 6 -> nothing
    7th (final) run -> reward

    The LoL fights in particular being so long and boring and not getting decent rewards throughout has kept me from finishing my last few runs and I started back when the rewards were considered great.

    Thats one thing AOL tried with the chests.
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    LufasoLufaso Posts: 110
    Mike439 said:

    Still not sure this would make me want to do 100%. The initial clear was worth the 2-3 hours and ~500 units spent. But after that, nah.

    Agreed, but at least they need to do something. 100% LOL is worthless right now. This make me sad. LOL was considered as the most challenging content for such a long time.
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