5/65 Corvus useful in act 6.1 without suicides?

The title says it all. I have a 5/65 Corvus unduped. Is he able to clear content in act 6.1 also? I mean, my Corvus with 2 or more charges crits on mediums with a damage of around 4k -4.5k. I have heard many saying that he will get you the cavalier title. But the question is will he get me the title without suicides?
I don't plan to run suicides any time soon, I don't even have the resources.
Any suggestions?


  • DashamtvamasiayDashamtvamasiay Posts: 81
    Knation said:

    For 6;1 he will do fine he will struggle in 6:3 and 6:4 then

    But aren't the health pools too large, I saw champs having health pools of around 200k in act 6.1.6, how ami supposed to defeat them without suicides?
    Thanks for the comment btw.
  • He will have it's uses on some fights.
    I personally used him on the Havoc Boss, on chapter 3. If you play him well and make your time, he is able to one-shot him. It gets to a point where Havoc will constantly throw the sp2, and not be able to gain the plasma charges
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    He will be fine
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    I used an unawakened, boosted 4/55 pretty heavily on the first pass of 6.1 without suicides. A few fights I needed to play for a full cool down, but with charges he saves a lot of units over all I think. 5/65 will be even better.
  • DashamtvamasiayDashamtvamasiay Posts: 81
    Thanks you everyone for your responses, now I am bit more confident about him
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