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Anyone know how the game account sync works with the kabam id? I have always been signed into the game with kabam id and it always showed that when going to the login button under settings. However I just noticed today that it does not show me logged in any more. I have no clue how long and my account is all in tack on my device.
What I am worried about is logging in with my kabam id and losing account data.
I believe that the summoner name is tied to server so when I log into the game which I have been playing it will just sync the summoner name server data to the kabam id... Not take **** data on the kabam id and override the server.
Anyone have advice? I put a ticket in with kabam, just impatient so reaching out.


  • You can be playing your game account on the original device you first installed the game and made that account, whether or not you are logged into your Kabam ID on that device. It's the same either way.

    Everything is saved in Kabam Server either way.

    Not being logged in doesn’t mean that all the data is only stored locally.
  • Buck9studioBuck9studio Posts: 152
    Thanks for the feedback and I heard from kabam with this reply:

    "Please be informed that once an account is linked with a Kabam ID (the email) you have options to log in or log out the account anytime. You can also play on different devices as long as you have entered the correct Kabam ID and password once you logged in. "

    I wanted to share this in case others run into similar questions. I logged in and it reloaded the game and everything was exactly the same as It was logged out.

    Hope this helps someone else too.
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