What is Normal for an Alliance at my level?

I have not played in a while, when I stopped playing there was just not enough content coming out. But looks like things have changed. I play daily now, but have struggled to find an alliance who is active and doesn't mind reminding me how certain things work. I am in an Alliance but no one ever says anything and only about half the people contribute. So far we have completed some of the small events but haven't come close on 3 day or SA. We have not done AQ yet. But looks like we do map 2 normally but trying for map 3 this time.

What should I expect in an Alliance for someone at my level? Is that about normal?

Here are my stats:
Summoner Level 43
Number of Heroes : 96
Hero Rating: 53K

Top Champions:
Cap America: 4* R4 (about to be R5 today)
Ms Marvel 4* R4
Scarlet Witch 4* R4
Electro 4* R4


  • LiquidButtLiquidButt Posts: 135
    never accept anything less than what you want. i started my own ally and eventually handed it off after getting them off the ground. i left to join my best friends ally... if you want to join my old one just message me in game. my name is the same here as it is in game and ill refer you. they are active in all events last i checked (i still keep in touch on Line). Not the most talkative bunch but they talk from time to time. Line is required however.
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,075 ★★★
    You need to find a good alliance. I didnt want to be on Line first, but now, I think its important for communication.
    First pic is the post I have made back in july. I was 46k hero rating... c76q2oml81mw.jpg
    And this is me now...

    When you join à good alliance, you make great progress..

    Good luck in finding the right group.
  • Bbrizee7147Bbrizee7147 Posts: 114
    Look up alliance house jhereg they can help you build and are active
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